Who Is Ethos West?

Serving People Differently . .

In an industry filled with production numbers, service member hand-offs, and un-returned messages; Ethos West was built to be different. We want our clients to feel communicated with, attended to by knowledgeable experts, and more than satisfied! These have been our goals from the beginning, and they will remain our goals as we walk down your home path with you!

In 2005 Jessie became a Real Estate Appraiser. In 2006 she became a Real Estate Agent with the sole intent of assisting a family member to purchase their first income property. After that first transaction of helping someone with their house goals, Jessie was hooked with serving people well in a stressful and sometimes chaotic industry.  In 2015, Jessie opened Ethos Real Estate West here in the Dansville/Mason area in Mid-Michigan!

You can contact Jessie at 517-712-7397, or via email at jschmidt@ethos-realestatewest.com

LeeAnn Carpenter joined our team in 2017. With a strong history in Property Management and accounting, Lee’s attention to detail, keen eye for staging, and passion for serving her clients has created only happy customers and friends.

You can contact LeeAnn at 517-899-9198, or via email at lcarpenter@ethos-realestatewest.com

Marti Calderone joined Ethos West in 2017. With her own hobby farm and family estate knowledge, Marti’s personal level of caring and communication has been a wonderful asset to those she serves!

You can contact Marti at 517-525-1387, or via email at mcalderone@ethos-realestatewest.com

Deanna Seng joined Ethos West in 2019. With a steady history of community service and property management; Deanna’s desire to serve her customers well in every area has set her apart with specialized care!

You can contact Deanna at 517-992-1519, or via email at dseng@ethos-realestatewest.com