Options during COVID-19

We’ve gotten lots of questions lately about options for houses during this time.

Real estate agents are not considered essential.  Home showings and open houses are not allowed.  But, there are other options!  Virtual showings can be made possible with some homes.  Documents can be electronically signed.  We can get creative!

Home inspectors, appraisers and title companies are considered essential.  As these industries continue, transactions can go on.  Title companies can come out to a person’s vehicle for document signing to keep safer distancing.

If you are thinking of refinancing, but don’t want an appraiser to come in your home; the appraisal industry has opened up other appraisal routes that do not involve an appraiser coming in to your home.  We know MSUFCU has done great with refinances lately without having a person come in to your home!

Please contact us with any questions and we will do our best to help!  We hope everyone is staying safe out there!