Meet Marti!

Marti is Ethos Real Estate West’s community expert!  Marti’s love to support local businesses and build connections with them shines thru daily!

Let’s get to know Marti!
Marti loves both carpet and hardwood.  She thinks hardwood is beautiful and loves them in the larger living areas.  But she also thinks carpet is cozy in the bedroom.  My cold feet agree with Marti!
Her favorite part of real estate is that each transaction is different.  She loves the variety!
Between Million Dollar Listing and House Hunters, Marti chooses House Hunters.  But asked if she can choose Fixer Upper instead! 
Marti loves that she lives in the community that she works in.  She says, “I run in to my clients at the school, fair, Meijer . . The connection to the community is real.” 
Marti, we love your love of the community!!!